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When we say flexible business space we really mean it!

Here at Clavering House Business Centre we provide space for just every type of business you can imagine, and we've always prided ourselves on being flexible, adjusting space pretty much to suit our customers' often exacting requirements. Well if you're paying for business space, it stands to reason you need it to be as near to perfect as you can get it!

So it was a real pleasure recently to receive an enquiry for the type of business space that, on the surface, seemed like a pretty unlikely fit for our Grade II listed building on the fringe of Newcastle's Stephenson Quarter, providing us with the ideal opportunity to show exactly what we're made of! When we say flexible business space we really do mean it, and as a result, alongside our resident lawyers, architects, pharmaceutical company and events organisers, we're now home to two professional make-up artists who have set up their brand new start-up small business at Clavering House.

Karina Bellfield and her business partner Lisa Dunbar chose Clavering House Business Centre as the perfect place for their new make-up studio, Dollicious Studio, because we were able to provide exactly the type of space they needed in the ideal location, just  a couple of minutes' walk from the railway station and metro, making us easy for their customers to reach.

We're so pleased to welcome Dollicious Studio, and our resident photographer Sarah Deane Photographic is also over the moon, as she sees our new addition to be perfectly complementary to her own portraiture business in her 'cave' studio in the Clavering House basement. We're now on the look out for a fashion business looking for premises to make the perfect set!!


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What is a registered office and why do you need one?

At Clavering House we have a lot of small business customers that are just starting out with their new businesses, and they often ask us about a registered office. Mainly, what is it, why do they need one, and whether a registered office is the same as a mailing address. So I thought it would be useful to set the record straight.

What is a registered office address?

When you set up a limited company, or a limited liability partnership, you are legally required to register the company at a nominated address in the UK. If your company is registered in England and Wales the registered office must be there too - so it can't be in Scotland or Northern Ireland. The registered address will then be displayed on any public records relating to your company. It will also be the address that Companies House and HMRC will use as your correspondence address.

Is a registered office address the same as a mailing address?

That's up to you. There are some restrictions on where your registered office can be. Assuming your mailing address fulfils the requirements of an office address, the two addresses can be one and the same. However some people choose to have their registered office address at one place and their mailing address elsewhere, depending on the needs of their business. So for example they may want a different business address to use on their website if it's more local, or more prestigious than their registered office address (just make sure you display your registered office address in your footer on your website and business stationary alongside your company registration number). Also you can use your home address as your registered office address, but may not want that to be the address you use on your website.

Where can my registered office be located?

You can use any physical address for your registered office address. So you cannot use a PO Box number or, for legal services, a DX Exchange number. There are lots of options you can use though. The decision really is whether you would be comfortable to have that address available for view by the public, in person or online. The most obvious place to have your registered office address is the place you run your business - your office address or your home address. Another option some small businesses choose to use is the address of their accountant, particularly useful for people running a business from home. Another option for home-based businesses is to use a virtual office mailing address.

Can I use my virtual office address as my registered office?

A virtual office isn't classified as a PO Box, so you should be able to use your virtual office mailing address as your registered office, as long as the mail is delivered to a physical building, and your business name is displayed. Just check with the virtual office service provider to make sure before you subscribe. By using a virtual office service for your registered office address and mailing address, you avoid the confusion of having two addresses associated with the business, and of course you can protect your privacy if you run your business from home. This option also gives you the option to change easily as you grow, particularly if the virtual office service can be subscribed to monthly.

How do I change my registered office address?

Changing your registered office address couldn't be easier. Just visit the Companies House website at and complete form AD01. You can do this online, or print out a form to complete and post back. The address is usually amended by Companies House fairly quickly, and you'll receive a letter from them to confirm it's been done.

Lee Wood recommends Clavering House Newcastle

Clavering House is top notch according to Newcastle property developer

Lee Wood is the Managing Director of Mulberry Properties, and uses Clavering House Business Centre's Newcastle virtual office service for his property development business.

In this short video Lee explains why he would recommend the Newcastle virtual office service and serviced office accommodation at Clavering House Business Centre to anybody!