We have such a wide variety of businesses here at Clavering House Business Centre that we wanted to give them the opportunity to introduce themselves. We have been running our ‘Introducing’ features as a way of showcasing our tenants, from small start ups to well established businesses. Next to feature in our ‘Introducing…’ section are one of our newest tenants, StudyFlats:


The StudyFlats Story


If you have ever been a student, you probably know that one of the biggest hassles that students face is finding a place to live


StudyFlats seeks to address an issue that almost every prospective international student faces when going abroad: finding trusted student accommodation and their new home. The company was founded by Sohrab Vazir, a former international student in the UK and a graduate of Newcastle Law School.

Sohrab Vazir, Founder of StudyFlats
Sohrab Vazir, Founder of StudyFlats

Sohrab came to the UK from Iran and studied at Keele University and Newcastle University.


Throughout his studies, Sohrab had issues when trying to find accommodation every year. He knew there had to be an easier way to do it. It fast became clear to Sohrab that he wasn’t the only person who was having this issue. When he spoke with more people, he learned that there were many others struggling to find accommodation too. From there, he decided that he should do something about it.


He had the chance to do this once he graduated from his studies. Newcastle University endorsed and mentored Sohrab for a Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa, a scheme designed by the UK Government for international graduates with credible and viable business ideas. The company was initially born under the name Interhousing and re-branded to StudyFlats in October 2017.


Since then it has helped students from all over the world find student accommodation.


Sohrab didn’t only want want to make it easier to find student accommodation through a free service and advice. He also wanted StudyFlats and his personal story to inspire other prospective and current international students. Any questions or issues that students may have, StudyFlats does their best to help them out at zero cost.


StudyFlats currently has student accommodation in over 25 cities across the UK. This number continues to grow, and StudyFlats has recently expanded into the US and Australia.


(+44) 191 31 30 103