Since Clavering House opened as a business centre two years ago, it’s been a really popular venue for Coworking Days run by Colleagues on Tap.  Up to 12 people who usually work from home are brought together by Colleagues on Tap founder Jayne Graham to work at Clavering House for the day. To anyone who usually works in an office that might sound a bit strange – but if you usually work at home it’s a great opportunity to get out of the house, still get your work done but meet up with other business people while you work.

The Coworking Days have been run by Colleagues on Tap for over four years, and are now held across the North East, with between 8 and 10 events taking place a month.  The Clavering House Newcastle Coworking Days are usually sold out weeks in advance – it’s a popular venue because it’s right behind the railway station, the coffee’s good and there’s a tailor-made Coworking space that we take over for the day, so there’s plenty of desk space and great WiFi to keep productivity high!  We also have a great supplier of lunches – made deli who let us pre-order online from a great selection of really delicious sandwiches, salads and baked potatoes, and when lunch is delivered we sit together and eat and catch up with coworkers after a busy morning’s work.

Another key feature of Coworking Days is our after-lunch ‘SpoT chat’ – this is an hour-long group discussion about a topic that’s useful to the coworkers present – helping them in some way with their businesses, from marketing to motivation.  These chats provide the opportunity for sharing knowledge and often lead to new relationships being formed – people have found suppliers, customers, mentors and have often form new friendships and business associations – you never quite know who you’ll meet!

Dates for Coworking Days planned for the next few months at Clavering House can be found at and you can book and pay online. If you book 2 events at a time the cost is only £16 per Coworking Day for the full day including your lunch and as much tea and coffee as you can drink!