I can’t believe our wonderful Newcastle Business Centre Administrator Rachel Bullerwell has actually been with us here at Clavering House in Newcastle for almost a year already. Rachel’s been such a great asset since she arrived, and has made such a difference to our customers and to the day to day flow of running our business.

So I thought it was high time we gave you a little bit more of an insight into the day in the life of Clavering House from Rachel’s perspective, and just how Rachel’s felt about her first year with us.

Here’s what she had to say …

So what brought you to Newcastle Business Centre, Clavering House?

The main appeal for the job here was that it was something new to me – in the sense that, to be absolutely honest, I wasn’t even aware that such a thing as a Newcastle Business Centre existed before I saw the job advertised! Having said that, with my background in retail and hospitality, most recently working in one of the region’s most prestigious hotels, I’ve always worked closely with customers, so I guessed that it couldn’t be ‘that’ much different, and I’m pretty adaptable so was fairly confident that I’d fit in!

I’m usually the first face you will see when you arrive at Clavering House. My role here is greeting customers who come into the Newcastle Business Centre, and answering their enquiries or helping them find where they need to be for a meeting or training course. I also spend a lot of time setting up virtual office services for small business owners that run their businesses from home and just need an office address that gives them a professional edge. What goes with that is making sure they know when post has arrived, and if they also require a telephone answering service I do that too – taking messages and letting them know when people have called.

What’s been the biggest change for you at Clavering House, compared with the jobs you’ve done in the past?

I suppose the biggest change is the diversity of people I meet with every day. I can be talking to an architect who rents an office in the building one minute, or a photographer who is simply coming to collect their post the next. We also have lots of customers hiring our rooms for training courses, so there’s a never-ending stream of people attending from all over the UK as well as locally. The office is less than 5 minute’s walk from the Central Railway Station in Newcastle, so lots of people choose it as the ideal place to meet when people are travelling from far and wide.

What’s great here is that every day is very different, which is quite different to my previous role as a head receptionist which was pretty much the same duties day in, day out. Here at the Clavering House Business Centre no two days are the same, although typically when I arrive I organise the refreshments for any customers we have with us on that day, before checking for any email room bookings or enquiries we may have received overnight. Then I deal with whatever’s thrown at me, pretty much!

I also love seeing people’s reactions when I show them around the building, if they’re thinking about renting an office or a hot-desk, or looking for a meeting or training room to hire. We always get lots of compliments about the quality of the spaces, the great prices, and (of course) the excellent customer service!