Here at Clavering House Business Centre we pride ourselves on our heritage; we’re in a beautiful, Listed Georgian building in Newcastle City Centre that has many of its original features, and our customers tell us that we offer a good old fashioned ‘nothing’s too much trouble’ style of customer service. But when it comes to communications, we offer nothing less than cutting edge – our recent investment in super-fast fibre broadband for our business customers renting our office space in Newcastle city centre is testament to that!

Super-fast fibre broadband has arrived!

Every second counts when you’re in business, and since we switched on our new fibre technology our customers have noticed a significant difference to upload speeds, leaving them with more time for ‘doing’ because they’re spending less time waiting! We now have the fastest broadband available in Newcastle at 100mbps, and better reliability for our business customers.

Clavering House Business Centre is located in the up and coming Stephenson Quarter in Newcastle city centre, and is one of the first locations in the city to take advantage of super-fast fibre broadband.

Managing Director, Helen Reed, said

“We’ve been asking for some time for this new technology, because we know our customers expect and deserve the best of what’s available in technology-based communications.

It’s an investment we’re sure will pay dividends, because if our customers do well we do well. We’ve already had lots of positive comments about the improvements, and we’re confident that having super-fast fibre broadband, along with our excellent location next door to all of the major transport links in the city, will help us to attract even more digital, professional and service businesses to hire our offices, hot-desks and meeting rooms.”

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