Based at Clavering House Business Centre, BigPicture Learning recently helped Working Links to enthuse over 1000 employees about the potential for further growth and to recognise the need to move forward as one business, with no functional silos or barriers.

Working Links delivers employability, learning and skills and justice sector programmes to thousands of people in the UK and internationally, on behalf of a wide range of government and funding bodies.

Working Links had rapidly evolved since its inception, so staff had experienced a lot of change. The organisation had also recently taken over the running of run three community-based companies, so needed to needed to integrate colleagues from these organisations into the wider business.

BigPicture Learning working with Working Links

BigPicture Learning worked with the Working Links Executive Team to develop the narrative behind the story they wanted to tell to their employees.  We then created a bespoke Learning Map System for line managers to use with their teams to explore the shifting social and political climate the business operates within and everyone’s role in delivering the vision.


The impact of the Learning Map System amongst employees has been significant.

  • 97% said they now understood the drivers of change and volatility for the business.
  • 89% reported that they saw the value of better collaboration across the business.
  • Almost 9 out of 10 of those surveyed said that following the Learning Map System sessions they could now see a greater connection between the values across functions.
  • Almost 90% also confirmed that they now realised there were more things they can positively influence in their working environment than they had previously thought.

Working Links Chief HR Officer, Clare Davey, said:

“I think this has been the most powerful process Working Links has ever taken their people through. Everyone has learnt something new.  It’s been so motivating to see those light bulb moments, to see people engaging in the sessions.  We have a wealth of rich feedback and are working on plans to keep the momentum going.”

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