Thanks to Sanondaf Newcastle an innovative ‘touch-less’ hygiene services company, Clavering House can proudly announce it has the most hygienic meeting room facilities in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne.


Sanondaf Newcastle business owner Christopher Traynor said when asked about the work being carried out:

“Sanondaf Newcastle are pleased to be a part of Clavering House’s continual investment into first class meeting room and office space facilities. It’s refreshing to see the great lengths Clavering House are taking to make sure the client experience is the best in the city”.


Sanondaf Newcastle have a patented environmentally friendly disinfectant that kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, yeasts and moulds yet poses no harm to humans, animals or plants – unique to the industry. They use electrostatic technology to charge the patented particles, making them attract to every surface providing maximum coverage (even on electrical office equipment and soft furnishings) and at a fraction of the time and cost it would take a ‘hands on cleaner to perform whole room disinfection’. 

When speaking about their new service, Christopher continued:

“Sanondaf Newcastle are the first of it’s kind. We are introducing modern technology to revolutionise the hygiene services market. Conventional methods of cleaning are scientifically proven to be ineffective, time consuming and thereby costly. While we are not replacing the need to clean, we are using science to take hygiene to the next level, resulting in fewer bacterial and viral outbreaks such as Staphylococcus, C-diff, norovirus and the Flu virus. Healthy environments, mean healthy people. We are currently working in sectors such as NHS Trusts, Care homes, Nurseries, office spaces, gyms, residential homes and many more. We are endorsed by the Institute of Specialist Surveyors & Engineers and the Healthy Homes campaign, a NHS backed charitable organisation aiming to reduce illness caused by inadequate home hygiene – an estimated £20 Billion cost to the NHS”.

Prices start from £50 + VAT

If your home or work environment needs a hygiene boost contact Sanondaf Newcastle:

Tel: 0191 364 3996 Mob: 07846178548 Email: