At Clavering House, we work with office brokers to help clients find their perfect new work space.  Free Office Finder specialise in finding businesses serviced, managed & co-working space for rent in the UK, and have recently published a blog post outlining reasons why renting a serviced office can be a fantastic money-saving option for businesses of all sizes.  They have kindly provided an excerpt for us, edited with Clavering House Business Centre in mind, to show how we can help you with your office needs:

“More companies are choosing Serviced Offices, and for good reason. They’re flexible meaning your company can grow naturally. They’re already furnished when you get there, meaning no stressful days and weeks of moving in and setting up. They are usually found in desirable areas, that otherwise might be out of the price range of some businesses, meaning companies can now find themselves in the city centre or near the important transport links. Clavering House is a great example, with impressive offices right in the heart of Newcastle, just a two minute walk from Newcastle Central Station.

With all the important stuff figured out as well as all the added bonuses of Serviced Offices, people often assume they must come at a hefty price tag. Yet, FreeOfficeFinder have compiled a list of ways that Serviced Offices can actually save businesses money.


  1. Less Space Needed

    Clavering House Business Centre provides serviced office space in Newcastle city centre

As opposed to renting a leased office, you only pay for the space you really need in a Serviced Office. Facilities like toilets, kitchens, meeting rooms and break rooms are communal, managed facilities. The Serviced Office provider takes care of these, so that you only have to pay for the desk space that you use. This can provide a large saving for businesses, who would otherwise have to pay rent on all the space they use.

On top of this, Serviced Offices often come with shared meeting rooms, like the ones at Clavering House. These you can use to your delight, without having to spend the extra costs for a larger office, which you would have to were you to rent a leased office.

  1. Already Fitted Out 

When renting a Serviced Office, you won’t have to worry about chairs, desks, drawers or filing cabinets. In addition, the space will be decorated and can be configured on request. When you rent a leased office, you will need to purchase furniture as the space is typically an empty shell.  Fitting an office out can also prove very expensive as build work isn’t cheap, so there is a lot of time and effort, in addition to cost, saved in the process.

  1. Outsourced Staffing CostsClavering House Business Centre provides serviced office space in Newcastle city centre

Serviced Offices often already have employed staff, such as Receptionists and Admin Staff. This means that you can benefit from in house staff who can perform any adhoc task you need (on site) without the need to employ and pay wages for a dedicated person/s for the role. Sometimes, you may need to pay an extra pay-as-you-go fee for support service staff, but this is minimal compared to an actual wage. Sometimes some of these services may even come at no extra charge, for instance Clavering House offer a telephone answering service at no additional cost to tenants.

  1. No Dilapidation Costs

When leaving at the end of a leased office rental term, you would normally be charged for dilapidations, meaning that you may need to pay to have the office space returned to its original format, as it was before you moved in. These end-of-tenancy costs themselves can sometimes catch tenants out, with landlords exploiting this. It’s additional costs like these that make a Serviced Office seem like such a paradise. Serviced Offices don’t normally charge any dilapidations and allow you to leave without a big bill.”

To read the full article you can visit the original blog post here.