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The Boardroom

In today’s ever-changing business world, having convenient meeting spots is key for getting stuff done, making killer presentations, and wowing clients. That’s where Clavering House comes in. We get it – having the right meeting room matters, which is why we’re all about providing top-notch spaces that cater to today’s businesses. With our variety of meeting rooms, we’re all about making sure your meetings leave a mark.

Newcastle Meeting Rooms

Cool Meeting Rooms:

We’ve got all kinds of meeting rooms to fit your needs. Whether it’s a small team pow-wow, a big client pitch, or a full-on conference or training session, we’ve got your back. Our rooms are set up so you can tweak the layout to get those conversations flowing and presentations popping.

Supporting Technology:

Our rooms are loaded with all the tech goodies to level up your meetings. Think fast internet, conference phones for chatting with remote folks, and all the gear you need to nail your presentations and brainstorm sessions.

Professional Atmosphere:

Meet in Newcastle

At Clavering House, we’re all about making you feel at home. Our reception team is on it, making sure you and your crew feel welcomed and sorted from the get-go. They’ll handle all the admin stuff so you can focus on what matters.

Customisable Packages:

We know every meeting is different. That’s why we offer custom packages to fit your needs. Whether it’s a one-off meeting or a regular gig, we’ve got flexible options. Choose hourly slots or go for the full day – whatever works for you.


Meeting Room Newcastle

So, ready to take your meetings to the next level? Come check out our premium meeting rooms at Clavering House. With our versatile spaces, friendly vibes, and customizable deals, you’ll have everything you need for killer meetings that leave a mark. Time to impress those clients, brainstorm with your team, and make moves in a space that screams pro!


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