Sarah Deane photographic tenant

Time out with Newcastle photographer Sarah Deane

Recently we gave you a quick snapshot behind the scenes at Clavering House with Rachel Bullerwell, and the portrait photo of Rachel that we featured in that story had such a great response (which Rachel was definitely not expecting!) that we thought we'd take some time out to find out more about the photographer behind the photos.

Sarah Deane has been resident at Clavering House since March this year, with her 'cave' studio receiving rave reviews from the customers of her business Sarah Deane Photographic - as well as her great photography, of course! Here's what Sarah had to say about her business and her exciting plans for the future.

Newcastle Business Centre administrator Rachel BullerwellFirst and foremost, you did a great photo recently of our very own Rachel.

What do you think makes a great business profile shot?

"It’s always important to have images that look clean, well lit and professional rather than home shot images or ‘selfies’. People often view profile pictures to learn about someone they haven't yet met and when doing this they will make instinctive judgements about that person.

So in the business arena it's always important to have a well executed, friendly and approachable image that shows a little about that person’s character or career. If a profile image looks like they have taken care with their photograph, then the assumption is they will take care in business too."

How have you found being resident at Clavering House?

Sarah Deane Photographic studio Clavering House NewcastleIt’s a fantastic space in a beautiful part of town. Every client that has come to the studio has said ‘wow’ when entering the cave shaped studio space! It’s often described as ‘quirky’ and therefore is a perfect environment for a creative studio. I am easy to find as Clavering House is so close to Newcastle Central Train Station, and the reception staff are always very welcoming to my clients which is important for my customer experience and brand.

It’s also good to feel part of a community within a busy building, as this offers opportunities for business networking and social interaction which is brilliant when you work for yourself.

Why a studio rather than working mobile?

Whilst I work out on location for various types of shoots, a studio space at my disposal offers more strings to my bow. It gives my business the opportunity to cover more varied styles of photography, for example product photography or profile shots where I can host my clients in a relaxed environment and fit around times that suit their schedules. I host a great range of appointments here for all three areas of my business, from briefing meetings to shoots and image preview sessions for corporate, portraiture and wedding photography.

The studio also allows me to develop the family studio portraiture side of my business offering relaxed and fun sessions with a white backdrop shooting area and comfy sofas for any family spectators!

Your most exciting assignments?

Since moving into the studio my feet haven't touched the ground! Whilst continuing to work with long term clients such as Heineken UK, Komatsu and Jamie’s Ministry of Food NE, I have gained new contracts with a really wide variety of businesses. In March I was excited to begin work with Bebe Clothing shooting for Aldi's clothing range here at the studio. In April I was invited to London to capture a high profile exhibition at the Museum of Childhood for an Alice in Wonderland exhibition, and during the Summer I began working with Newcastle University Business School as they launched their new branding. This Autumn the Nigel Cabourn team hired my studio to shoot the mens Everest Parka range for eccommerce and I captured Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo’s cookery demonstration at a Ministry of Food event in Byker. So it’s been all go and extremely varied!

What next?

The first 12 months at Clavering House have been incredible and I celebrated my 5th birthday in March 2016, having established even more business relationships as I want to continue to build and grow! I have several projects that are in the pipeline, one I am particularly excited about is a contract for Food Newcastle where I get to explore the unusual world of bee keeping on top of a church in central Newcastle. Not many people know about our locally produced Grainger Street Honey!

Find out more about Sarah's work at or call in for a coffee and a look around Clavering House and we'll make an introduction!

Exciting announcement from our resident IT business

We welcomed hospitality IT experts Avenue9 as our newest residents in our offices at Clavering House Business Centre in Newcastle City Centre in January this year. Almost a year on, we are so pleased to congratulate them on the recent announcement that their rapid growth since start up will now accelerate even further following their acquisition by Hotel & Hospitality Group JLL.

Co-founders of Avenue9, Philippa Witheat and Kevin Edwards, have been making serious inroads into the leisure and hospitality sector with their growing team here at Clavering House, and this latest move really confirms that they are doing some impressive and innovative work that's really making a difference to the business performance of businesses in the sector. We're so proud to have such a dynamic company located here at Clavering House, and long may that continue!

You can read the full press release with details of the JLL acquisition here.

It's great to see a local Newcastle-upon-Tyne based company go from strength to strength and we can't wait to see what the New Year will bring. We wish them the team at Avenue9 the best of luck and look forward to seeing further growth for such lovely customers!

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