Clavering House Newcastle business centre

We are in good company with our managed office space

It was great to see Clavering House nestled in the 'Managed Office Space' section of BQ magazine today, particularly as we're in great company, featured alongside another listed building, Acklam Hall in Middlesbrough.

It takes all sorts of office space and services to satisfy all sorts of businesses, and here at Clavering House our Georgian building is definitely holding its own against the glass and chrome of the local competition that's developing around the Stephenson Quarter. There's no question that our great location beside Newcastle Central station and "two storeys of English bond brick beneath a Welsh slate roof", as BQ puts it, have a lot to do with that - this really is a charming place to work - but our strong 'customer comes first' service ethic, delivered through a whole range of in-house and virtual services for small businesses, brings soul into the bricks and mortar, and that's what local businesses value most.

If you're interested in local heritage, the BQ article offers an intriguing insight into the history of the Claverings and Clavering House - well worth a quick read here